post 34: using areas of supposed "out ethics" to cloud the issue

From: "Virginia McClaughry" <>
Subject: post 34: using areas of supposed "out ethics" to cloud the issue
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2000 21:26:38 -0800
Message-ID: <>

My response to April re: above subject.

MAA SC 15 March 1999

Virginia McClaughry

Regarding the whole 6 month check issue, and the LRH references covering this: it does not seem to be resolving, due to the confusion of other situations being added into it and clouding the issue.

So, I feel it is best at this point to get these other situations handled, and out of the way, so that then the 6 month check issue can be handled, by itself, without anything else clouding it.

The situations clouding the issue of 6 month sec checks and causing added inapplicable confusion are:

1. out-exchange with my father-on bridge, as well as living expenses

2. that I am mid a sec check, in particular, the HCO sec check started after the six month check issue arose.

3. nyquil sit

4. Katie

5. that idea that I am spreading black pr, enemy line, and enturbulating others

I want to get these out of the way, so to bring you up to date:


re 1:

I think that it is probably best that I not receive money for services from my father.

Since I will be paying for any further intensives, it is at once obvious that I do not have the money for that at this time. The debts, as you know, need to be handled, and the money produced to pay for any further services, as well as fully covering all living expenses.

Since the above has to be handled before I can pay for and complete the HCO sec check, (as per 2 above), any assistance you can provide, would be appreciated. (such as LRH References to read, etc. etc.)

re 3: I have given you the data that I already applied a condition to this, and wrote it up to my C/S, several years ago, with no recurrence of this situation. We need to come to some sort of agreement on this point, as Treason is a wrong condition. I did not have attention on this overt in session because it was not known, or unhandled ethics-wise. I had attention on handling the FPRD aspect. Please take a look at this in a new unit of time, and get back to me.

re 4: I also gave you updated data on Katie. Please get back to me on that too.

re 5: I have already agreed not to spread malcontent, in writing. However, there has been Black PR against me, in the form of False Reports, that were hidden from me by not sending me copies. I read all the references you assigned me, and per those references, I need to dead-agent false reports. I have been blocked in this. Thatís all the data I have for you on those points. Please relook at this and get back to me.

The above are all the points of my program, as far as I know, excepting the 6 month check issue.

If you are aware of anything I havenít covered, let me know.

Please respond ASAP.

Virginia McClaughry