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From wwhit71151@aol.com Tue Apr 09 15:12:15 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - Picket update
Date: 9 Apr 1996 09:12:15 -0400
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I've been picketing the San Francisco mission at 406 Sutter Street almost every weekend since the global picket of March 9th. I carry a fluorescent green sign that says, "In my opinion SCIENTOLOGY IS A SCAM". My picket this past Saturday went very well.

The public support I've been getting has been just tremendous. As drivers go by they honk their horns and give me the thumbs up sign. Pedestrians that see my sign often point to it and say , "You got that right, Scientology IS a scam."

I've been meeting so many people who have either themselves or had relatives victimized by this cult, sometimes both. I met one woman who was locked in a basement and held prisoner down in L.A. I met another woman who was in the cult for fifteen years. Her whole family is still in it and every one of them has been scammed of everything they had.

I even met one guy who actually knew Hubbard personally. He was part of Hubbard's inner circle. He had a lot of really interesting "inside" stories to relate to me about Hubbard. He said that Hubbard was one of the first ones to admitted that $cientology was all a scam. He told me that often in the evening Hubbard would sit down, drink his rum, and laugh at all his followers. One time Hubbard even told him, "I've got them all groveling at my feet just like I said I would". When I heard that I suddenly felt so validated for what I was doing. I got this tremendous urge to just go running through the streets yelling, "I told you so, I told you so!"

My sign is REALLY helping to get the warning message out. I have a long commute to get to the S.F. mission (almost 80 miles round trip). Waiting at bus stops and all through the BART train system I always keep my sign prominently displayed. Literally thousands of people read it on each trip. Dozens actually stop and ask me about $cientology. It's been giving me the perfect opportunity to inform them about $cientology BEFORE $cientology has a chance to get to them. Even little kids are getting the message. One little girl pointed to my sign and asked, "Mommy, what is that man holding?" Her mother said, "Honey, he's holding a sign that says $cientology is and evil organization and he's warning us to stay away from it." I got such a rush when I heard that. It made me want to write up a "success story".

These idiots have known that I've been an "SP wannabe" for the longest time now and yet they're STILL sending me their propaganda. They just sent me their latest drivel, a magazine called "Scientology News" Issue 1. I always read their crap from beginning to end because it keeps me informed as to how they are currently trying to deceive the public. This way I can come up with effective counter-measures. Besides, their propaganda pisses me off even more and motivates me to go on my NEXT picket.

I've never been an activist before but this cult has pushed me too far. I'll continue standing right outside their mission or their ORG holding my sign openly defying their criminal organization. I get such a rush standing right outside their front door holding my sign right in front of their face, especially when that one Sea Ogre walks past giving me her "death stare". That world-wide picket on March the 9th broke the ice for me. Who said that picket was a "non-event?"

If anyone in the San Francisco bay area wants to join me, GREAT. E-mail me your intentions and maybe we can co-ordinate our efforts. I like to remain unpredictable because I believe there is safety in unpredictability. I always call the S.F. police before I show up but I don't want to let the mission staff know when I'll be there.

Oh by the way, every time I'm on my way to and from S.F. I talk to all the plants and animals -- AND THEY TALK BACK TO ME. It's a hoot. I guess I've reached some level of "Otness."

Wayne "SP wannabe"