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From wwhit71151@aol.com Thu Apr 18 07:51:57 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - A Scientology World
Date: 18 Apr 1996 01:51:57 -0400
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I just wanted to let you all know that I just framed Steve Fishman's description of a "$cientology world" up on my wall. When I first read it I actually got chills all over my body because I know it's all so true. I don't want this to happen to all of us. I've been lured into the outer fringes of that world already. It sucks! No more love, no more laughter, only "stats" and compliance. I just can't live in a world like that. His post certainly gave me an expanded view on why I'm picketing the S.F. mission every weekend.

IT'S TRUE, the Jews in 1933 didn't think that it could happen to them. They thought that Hitler's SS were just a bunch of harmless hooligans and that they would just fade away in time. They made a mistake, they did nothing -- THEY PAID WITH THEIR LIVES!