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From wwhit71151@aol.com Fri May 03 13:55:35 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - My Story Continues
Date: 3 May 1996 07:55:35 -0400
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Hi Everyone

For everyone who's E-mailed me to ask, "Where's the rest of your story?" the answer is, "It's on the way." I got a little side-tracked preparing for the picketing that I've been doing at the San Fransisco mission. I felt that I just HAD to get out there and do SOMETHING, RIGHT AWAY, to stop others from getting lured inside that place. Now that I have that well under way I can get back to telling what can happen to a person once they HAVE been lured inside.

Marina Chong has been so kind to post my story on her web site at:


Thank you Marina.

Wayne Whitney