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From wwhit71151@aol.com Mon May 06 01:17:48 1996
Subject: Wayne Whitney - Picket Report 5-4-96
Date: 5 May 1996 19:17:48 -0400
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Hi Everyone,

I just got back from my picket Saturday. I think it's official now, the clams ARE starting to react to my picketing. Last weekend wasn't just a fluke. This is the second time that a staff member has come outside after I arrived and started to disseminate right in front of me. One of the locals told me that he's never seen any of them disseminating right outside their front door before. This staff member ( Tim ) stayed out front the whole time I was there, from about 1:00P to 6:00P (when they closed up shop for the day).

Around 5:30 he was able to lure some guy inside. When the guy came out he had some literature and their personality test in his hand. He walked over to the bus stop which happens to be right outside their front door. As he was waiting for the bus (which was just pulling up) I walked by and let him read my sign. I could tell by his reaction that he was really affected by what he read. I never talk to anyone unless they talk to me first but when I saw HIS reaction I just couldn't resist. There were perhaps twenty people waiting for the bus -- a captive audience. I walked up to him and just blurted out," They scammed me for $95,000. I've watched them scam so many other people. If they did it to me they'll do it to you. You've been warned." I only had a few seconds to get my point across so I HAD to be blunt and right to the point.

You should have seen the reaction of the crowd. They were shocked. Many glanced over at the mission with a look that said, "They do THAT in there?" Tim came rushing up and threatened me with calling the police saying that what I was doing was right on the borderline of being illegal. I just walked away, being thrown a little off guard by this sudden threat. I could tell that I had made a significant impact on that crowd. Once I regained my composure from this new threat I assured myself that I had done nothing wrong. I have just as much right to talk to people on the street as he does.

Earlier in the afternoon I watched as Tim was called inside to take a phone call. By the way he was talking on the phone and looking at me I figured that he was probably talking to his handler, probably someone in the legal department. I suspect that they are waiting for me to screw up, to do something illegal, anything so that the police will be able to get rid of me. WELL I'M NOT GOING TO SCREW UP. My policy is that if THEY are talking to someone I just leave then alone. I don't say a word. I won't even talk to any of the staff members anymore. I just ignore them all. As long as I stick to this policy they can't accuse me of harassment.

Most of the locals know me now. I've become a common sight. All the ones that I've talked to approve of what I'm doing. I've got many allies on the street now. I'm not out there "alone" anymore. If the clams try anything I've now got friends to back me up.

It's important to me that I point out that when I call them "clams" I'm talking about the "cult personality" of the individual not the person themselves. Personally I dislike name calling. I think it's a bit childish but I just HAVE to make an exception here. I call them "clams" because I need to keep reminding myself that when I'm dealing with them I'm dealing with the cult person not the real person. EVERY time I've tried to interact with the real person the cult person bit me in the ass. I'll NEVER make that mistake again. BY calling them "clams" I keep reminding myself which person I'm REALLY dealing with.

Wayne Whitney "Clam Buster wannabe"