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From wwhit71151@aol.com Mon Feb 24 07:14:00 1997
Subject: Wayne Whitney - Picket Report S.F. Org Feb 23,97
Date: 24 Feb 1997 05:14:00 GMT
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Hi Everyone,

The GREATEST thing happened during my picket today. A TV news crew from Chili showed up to interview ME while I was picketing. They are currently working on a documentary on $cientology. Theyíve been talking to a lot of people here in the states including some of the biggest cult experts. One of those they talked to suggested that they should come and talk to me as well. (Apparently more people know about me and what Iím doing than I think.)

When the crew first arrived they just set up their camera and microphone and started taping me picketing. They didnít say a word to me at first. This part was completely unrehearsed. I didnít have a clue as to what they wanted from me so I just tried to do what I normally do and pretend that they werenít even there. Yeah right.

Once they got some of that on tape then they called me over and we did about a ten minute interview with the Orgís storefront as background. After that we spent about 15 minutes getting some additional footage of me picketing. We took several takes of me approaching the Org, first from across the street (with the cameraman following me at close range) and then again walking down the sidewalk while the cameraman staying at the corner. Both times they had me hold my sign down at my side as I approached and then when I got in front they had me raise it over my head in my usual pose. He said that this was for "dramatic effect." Since this is what I usually do you canít say that it was really staged.

After they had all they wanted from me right then they all went up to the front door. It looked like they wanted to go inside. What I sight THAT was! Just imagine this whole camera crew looking in the Orgís front door, cameras, microphones, the whole bit. That sure was a Kodak moment.

Unfortunately I couldnít really ask any questions to see what they were up to because only the main guy knew how to speak English. I could tell, however, that the staff were all abuzz inside. Several staff members had been at the door watching all of this taking place, even the executive director Linda Johnson. Iíve NEVER seen her out in front unless it was when she was going to get something to eat. She REALLY looked worried so I could tell that we were having some kind of an impact in there.

Eventually this staff member (the one who talked to the police officer for me two weeks ago) comes out. They talk for a little bit. The staff member writes down some stuff and then the crew turns around and leaves. As theyíre getting in their van I run up and ask if I can get a copy of the video. He says it might take awhile because they have to edit it and all. Once their documentary is done itís going to be aired in Chili, probably in June. He said he might be able to get me a copy then.

He said this visit was mostly to get something on tape and that he didnít have much time to get a lot of detail from me. I agreed. Then he told me that he wanted to stay in touch, that he still had a lot more questions to ask me.

After exchanging phone numbers once again we all shook hands and then they drove off. I continued my picket floating about two feet in the air. I sure wish someone had been there to see all this. It was SO COOL!

If Iím lucky maybe Iíll get a few minutes of air time on Chilean TV in June. If Iím not maybe Iíll just end up on the editing room floor. Iíll just have to wait and see. Right now Iíll take all the publicity I can get. Now if I can only get the local media interested in what Iím doing.

Wayne Whitney