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From wwhit71151@aol.com Mon Mar 03 16:09:44 1997
Subject: Re: ***SPTimes: $cieno jumps into harbor***
Date: 3 Mar 1997 14:09:44 GMT
Message-ID: <19970303140300.JAA09189@ladder02.news.aol.com>

Isn't it just terrible when the wogs confuse running from building to building with an escape. Escapes are different, but to wogs a=a=a. LOL

I, for one, STILL believe that A=A=A and am proud of it.

Why was Hubbard so confused that he couldn't even grasp THIS simple concept?

If LRH had said something like, "'non-clears' erronously assume that A=B=C" then THAT statement would be something that I COULD think with. Trying to comprehend and swallow illogical statements like his is one of the reasons I never did well 'on course' and why the Oo$ failed so miserably to re-program me.