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From wwhit71151@aol.com Mon May 05 10:50:31 1997
Subject: Re: London picket report
Date: 5 May 1997 08:50:31 GMT
Message-ID: <19970505085001.EAA23211@ladder01.news.aol.com>

Ted Mayett wrote:

<<I don't know about Wayne, but I have been expecting this "method" for a long time. I still expect it. But, me, If I get hit, I need an ambulance to take me away. And I do _not_ hit back.>>

Ted, the police have told me that I have a RIGHT to defend myself if I am physically assaulted. Many years ago (when I was in highschool) I ended up with a severe concussion because I was reluctant to hit back when I was assaulted.

I always try EVERY peaceful method of resolving a conflict FIRST but if they ever get violent with me I'll fight like a wildcat to defend myself. Getting kicked repeatedly in the head certainly knocked some sense into me concerning that.