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From wwhit71151@aol.com Sun May 25 06:45:27 1997
Subject: Re: Scientology: Is not what you read here!
Date: 25 May 1997 04:45:27 GMT
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In article <5lg3ef$1kt$1@nadine.teleport.com>, kewyatt@teleport.com wrote:

>Scientology has no belief of using auditing to cure illness. If any
>person tells you that or leads you to believe that auditing will do
>such a thing then you should show them the video, "An Introduction to
>Scientology" and Hubbard clearly states that Auditing and/or
>Scientology will not cure illness.


Shortly after I got lured in the sales person "Amy" said to me emphatically, "Wayne, we CAN cure you but we need to have the money RIGHT AWAY to put on your account so that we can deliver the services to you."

They either outright lied to me about being able to cure me or subtly mislead me into believing they could by making me read all the places where Hubbard made claims of miraculous cures with his tech.