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From wwhit71151@aol.com Sun May 25 17:36:41 1997
Subject: Re: Laying my cards on the table...
Date: 25 May 1997 15:36:41 GMT
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In article <337c4f81.13823482@snews.zippo.com>, teddy@skylink.net wrote:

>Honestly Martin, it seems that the bulk of the public just does not
>care one way or another. Why be concerned with them?

I was once a "public" who just didn't care -- UNTIL -- my sister walked me in the missions' front door that first fateful day. By then it was too late. No one had warned me about the dangers of $cientology AHEAD OF TIME. I sure wish someone had been out front with a bright green picket sign saying, "beware of what you are now walking into, it's all a scam". Unfortunatly I let my sister walk me right into a trap simply because of my ignorance of that fact.

I have found that in heavily populated areas like San Francisco people DO care. I make them curious so they come over and ask me why I'm out there. This gives me the chance to innoculate them by giving them a little information about $cientology BEFORE they are ever approached by a recruiter. I'm giving them the chance that I NEVER had -- the chance to make an informed decision about $cientology BEFORE they've lost everything.

Even many of the ones who don't talk to me or don't even seem interested at least READ my sign. How many have I watched just pass me by only to circle back around to ask me a few questions. Because of this I KNOW that I'm making many of them think even if they give no indication of it. Hopefully just making them think is enough to prevent them from being lured in should they ever be approached.